A Possible Cure for Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

A Possible Cure for Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

A retching fact that consumers keep bringing up about virtual reality is that it makes them nauseous. The out-of-body experience of moving in a virtual world while staying motionless feels to many like standing on the deck of a ship in a stormy sea.

With 25% to 40% of consumers saying they experience motion sickness, this industry’s projected growth to $108 billion in sales by 2021 according to DigiCapital may be off-balance. But a new technology from MONKEYmedia, an independent R&D lab with a 25-year track record, could finally make for smooth sailing for gamemakers, hardware providers, and consumers alike.

I like to joke that the controller is like a sickness generator,” says former Oculus scientist Steven LaValle, who is unaffiliated with MONKEYmedia, but has studied the problem of motion sickness caused by virtual reality. “Every time you grab onto a controller, you’re creating motions that are not corresponding perfectly to the physical world. And when that’s being fed into your eyes and ears, then you have trouble.”

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