WITH half of all jobs disappearing over the next decade, your career is about to be disrupted (and that may be the best thing to ever happen to you).

For all of the pundits that would have you worrying that automation and robots are coming for your job, they miss the potential that exponential technologies are bringing to how we work, live and play.

A century ago, the invention of the tractor and irrigation eliminated the majority of all farming jobs, thereby freeing a workforce of millions to power the industrial revolution. The new exponential technologies are going to, once again, change the nature of work and society as we know it.

Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Blockchain, and 3D printing are combining in new and novel ways to solve problems and launch trillion dollar industries. Canva, Facebook, and Uber are no longer the exception to the rule, but rather the model for the future of enterprise.

As someone who has helped build billion-dollar startups and run global companies, I can assure you that in the 21st century, one doesn’t have to come from an elite family or live in a major metropolis to change the world.

The democratisation of mobile technology means there are no longer gatekeepers blocking your path to success.

In this new interconnected world where you are just one click away from seven billion consumers, old world cities and countries no longer have a geographic advantage for innovation.

In fact, SA has several advantages over most of the business world and is poised to lead in the 21st century. That is why I am excited to be coming to SouthStart in Adelaide.

In a world where a new self-made billionaire is created every 48 hours, the opportunities for success are limitless. In past centuries, fortunes were tied to land and natural resources; forget about wool and mining, with technology advancing at faster than Darwinian rates, financial success is tied to a different set of resources.

With digital goods, companies and employees can work remotely and live virtually anywhere that the Internet reaches, so quality of life is now more important to employees than latitude or longitude.

Globally, Adelaide is continually listed as one of the most livable cities: clean air, plenty of fresh water, and a modern infrastructure tells only part of the story.

With an untenable, outrageously expensive cost of living, Silicon Valley can’t compete with Adelaide on affordable housing, access to public transportation, and quality healthcare.

Great universities are the lifeblood of high tech startups and again, Adelaide’s research universities continue to excel in preparing students for future careers that reach beyond Australia’s shores.

Lastly, true innovation comes from the confluence of different ways of looking at problems. Here again, Adelaide’s international population brings a strength of diversity to solving the issues facing society from renewable energy to sustainable farming, from bioengineering to climate change.

With so much change happening, I am excited to be speaking about strategies for billion dollar success in this era of endless innovation.

Based on the concepts in my best-selling book Disrupt Yourself, I will share with SouthStart attendees the five things they can do to best prepare themselves to thrive from disruption.

Your career will be disrupted. How you respond to disruption is up to you.

Jay Samit is a digital media entrepreneur, best-selling author and former vice chairman of Deloitte. He will be speaking at SouthStart on Nov 22-23, at the Adelaide Town Hall.

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