Jay Samit SocialVibe Fast Company Article

Jay Samit SocialVibe Fast Company Article

SocialVibe’s Voluntary Ads Aim to Make the Internet Free

SocialVibe has ambitious plans to make much of the Internet completely free, from FarmVille credits and Internet Wi-Fi, to unlimited Pandora streaming. Their method is to offer users an otherwise paid service in exchange for lengthy, interactive advertisements. Consumers appreciate the brand for saving them cash, the brands finally get enough attention to display informative and creative ads, and service providers rake in more users for premium services.

Thanks to extraordinarily high engagement rates, with the average users spending 63 seconds on an ad and 10-40% sharing it with their social network friends, SocialVibe has lassoed high-profile clients, from global brands and A-list celebrities, to presidential campaigns. “I love SocialVibe,” says Pepsi’s head of Digital Marketing, Shiv Sighn.

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Author: Gregory Fernstein

Optin Architect