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Singularity Global Summit 2017

The hospitality industry seems to be at the leading edge of the spectrum of engaging the disruption wave (i.e. transport-Uber, booking rooms- Airbnb, in-room technology, virtual event engagement – Skype, periscope, etc…)  Your insight validated much of what the audience believes to be true… simply we need to be ready to adapt and adopt to these new opportunities.  I enjoyed the flow and the storytelling of your presentation as well.  Thank you for offering such a timely reminder that our economic and professional well-being resides in a willingness to learn and evolve regardless of where we are in our careers!

Kevin G. Kirby
Chairman of International Board 2014/2015 | Meeting Professionals International

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I feel in meetings and events we get inundated with speakers discussing the same thing- budgets, networking, ROI, and so on. After a while it is hard to find something new that catches peoples’ attention and really makes them look within. Disruption gives an eye opening look not only into the future of business across all industries, but it also motivated me to look at myself. For many professionals, a talk on something that not only pushes business forward, but career development has the potential to captivate.  Thank you again Jay…you gave me some great ideas to process 🙂

Kelly Robinson
Just Events! Group, Inc.

Testimonial Kelly Robinson

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

You were huge hit and really got our day off to the perfect start.  As you know, the theme was “disruption, uncertainty, and opportunity,” and you really helped us focus on the former without losing site of the latter! These really are challenging times for our company, but it’s also exciting to think about how we might help shape the future. So again, thanks! You’re fabulous.

Dee Dee Myers
Executive Vice President, Warner Bros

Testimonial Dee Dee Myers

Mexico City

Jay Samit gave a brilliant lunchtime keynote on decoding disruption.  His mantra for cannibalizing one’s business in favor of disruptive product development would be lost on other big firms notorious for product managers defending their turf.

Anthony Alfidi
Alfidi Capital

Testimonial Anthony Alfidi

Ringing NYSE Opening Bell

Las Vegas 2016

“I really had no idea what to expect when I heard Jay was presenting to our group on ‘disruption’.  I mean, seriously, the concept of disruption can be a little unsettling to those of us who attempt to live our lives according to ‘the plan.’ But when you hear the message and all the sage counsel he shares culled from his wildly fascinating and successful career path,  you have no choice but to sit up, listen, and be prepared for some detours because, as he points out, disruption is how you respond to what’s happened to you.  In order to change who you are you must change who you think you are.  Jay drops pearls of wisdom faster than you can take notes so pay attention.  You’ll want to stay seated for the full ride, and then accept the challenge to go out and change the world.  Excellent speaker, and thought-provoking presentation.  Sign me up as a fan, please.”

Terry Matthews-Lombardo
TML Services

Testimonial Terry Matthews-Lombardo

Top 10 Start-up Secrets

The information you provided on how “disruption” leads to “opportunity” can be applied in so many industries, especially hospitality.  Meeting professionals and suppliers (e.g. Convention Centers, convention & visitors bureau, hotels, attractions, etc.) can serve as a catalyst to change how attendees/guests think about conducting business, networking or offering a service/product.  3D printing will have a tremendous impact on the meetings industry especially in the trade show world.  Exhibitors will have the opportunity to print product on the show floor for potential customers.  Then there is the endless capabilities of the mobile devices.

Rodney Gutierrez

Testimonial  Rodney Gutierrez

Commencement Address CSULB

Imagine Clayton Christensen and Larry Ellison were one guy. This is that guy.

Daniel Harrison
#1 Bestselling Author of Butterflies

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I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your speech. I was in awe over the things that you shared and the things you have been involved with during your career. I can’t wait to read your book and hoping to hire you to come speak at an event this spring at the Academy. I think your insight would inspire our students and constituents to really consider their future careers.

Kalena Meyers
Montverde Academy | Director of Events and Community Relations

Testimonial  Kalena Meyers

Samit is an expert on disruptive innovation, which he now applies to leadership self-development. His empowering advice will help any leader make the important breakthroughs they seek.

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