Disrupt You! Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews

 “[An] astute, mind-shifting book. For readers seeking to get more out of their lives and careers, Samit is a wise teacher with valuable lessons to impart.”

Publishers Weekly

Testimonial Publishers Weekly

“Disrupt You! It’s the single best investment you can make in yourself.”

Garrison Leykam
Blog Talk Radio Host

Testimonial Garrison Leykam

I used to live in fear that Jay Samit would compete with me. Now that I have his book I have at least a chance.”

Robert Scoble
Tech Evangelist and founder of the Scobleizer

Testimonial Robert Scoble

 “Disrupt You! solves the innovator’s dilemma by teaching entrepreneurs how to think and how to achieve game-changing results.  Samit combines powerful business insights with a practical step-by-step roadmap for success.”

Nolan Bushnell
Founder Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, and Brainrush

Testimonial Nolan Bushnell

“Before, disruption was something we sat and admired. Now, thanks to this book, it’s something we can stand up and do. With an array of examples so energizing they seem to leap off the page, technology innovator Jay Samit offers sage advice for launching products, building businesses, and transforming careers.”

Adam Grant
Wharton professor & New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take

Testimonial Adam Grant

“An amazing book.  This is cutting edge stuff that is going to make a lot of people wealthy.”

Tai Lopez

Testimonial Tai Lopez

“From the moment I met Jay, I knew he was a different kind of entrepreneur. Bold, blunt and refreshing. Startups everywhere should be singing hallelujah that Jay has decided to put all his unique insights into his new book Disrupt You! I’ve been waiting for it! No doubt any entrepreneur who picks this book up will increase their likelihood for success. This is a definite must read!”

Betty Liu
Bloomberg Television Anchor and author of Work Smarts

Testimonial Betty Liu

Disrupt You! is an inspiring Cliffs Notes (if you know what that is) for all serious entrepreneurs and innovative managers looking to launch a new company or new product.  A must reader for all startup founders, this is the best book I know for increasing a startup’s likelihood for financial success.”

Brian Solis
Digital Analyst, Best-Selling Author of The End of Business As Usual

Testimonial Brian Solis

If you need an acting coach, hire Russell Crowe. Throwing a football? That’s easy: get help from Joe Montana. But when it comes to your next big business idea, get into the mind of Jay Samit. The “why” is obvious: he knows how to disrupt the industry you work in, right now. That’s important because “disruption” is a fine art and it’s easy to get wrong: ideas that are too safe get no attention; but ideas that are too big can flame out quickly. Ideas that are disruptive? They get the most funding, the best partners and the most highly qualified employees. Disrupt correctly and you’ll take over the world.”

Oren Klaff
New York Times Best-Selling Author of Pitch Anything

Testimonial Oren Klaff

“Samit comes at the topic with a wealth of personal experience. Beside being a successful serial startup entrepreneur…It is this perspective that I appreciate most, the idea that “disruptors” are really agents of change. And though I can be a bit of a curmudgeon on the topic of disruption, wondering if we’re throwing the baby (and all our jobs) out with the bathwater, this is why books like Samit’s are so important to keep picking up. They’re not always welcome, but very necessary reminders, that the world—business and otherwise—we leave our children will bear little resemblance to the one we inherited. In fact, the world two years from now may bear little resemblance to the one we inhabit now. And if we’re not constantly questioning, reinventing, and yes disrupting our own place in it both as individuals and organizations, someone or something else will. So to have a say, we have to be disruptive ourselves, and disrupt our selves. ”

Jack Covert
800 CEO Read

Testimonial Jack Covert

“Disrupt You! is revolutionary. To survive in today’s economy everyone needs to think like an entrepreneur.  Samit shows how we have the power to succeed in business by disrupting our internal limitations, turning obstacles into opportunities, and killing our best ideas. This is a must read for every entrepreneur and intrapreneur wanting greater satisfaction out of their careers.”

Kelly Perdew
Entrepreneur and Winner of NBC’s “The Apprentice”

Testimonial Kelly Perdew

If you are also feeling the internal desire to try something new, launch a product or pursue a business dream – this book is worth reading.  Jay doesn’t simply provide stories without strategies. This book is inspiring and provides a useful roadmap for making the disruption successful. Bonus: it’s a quick read because the information is engaging. He actually found a way to make a business book informative yet fun to read.”

Edie Douglas Owen
Founder Paperclip

Testimonial Edie Douglas Owen

His name is Jay Samit and his book, Disrupt You, is my new favorite book of 2015…it’s that good!”

Jeff Brown
Read to Lead Podcast

Testimonial Jeff Brown

“Jay Samit’s Disrupt You will show multiple examples of how to think like a entrepreneur.  His insights to industry disruptors make this an exciting read and idea after idea will inspire you to start thinking like a problem solver. Lots of interesting start up stories to learn from and an in-depth look at how to change industries over night will inspire the start up founder in you.  I was really impressed by the author’s ability to help me change my mindset to life problems and how to turn them into opportunities.”

The Entrepreneur Investor

Testimonial The Entrepreneur Investor

“If you have a big idea, but are not sure how to apply it, or just got stuck in your life and seek for personal transformation, you must read this engaging and perspective-shifting book.”


Testimonial HONGKIAT

Disrupt You! by Jay Samit is a thrilling encapsulation of the skills and insights it takes to truly disrupt not only yourself, but entire industries. If you are stuck on a project or looking for fresh, new ideas this book will fill your head with creative visions.”

Entrepreneur Finese

Testimonial Entrepreneur Finese

“Jay Samit, has just published a fantastic new book entitled “Disrupt You!” which, in part, dissects and shares more unique facets of what it takes to be a trailblazer. The book is a must-read for any aspiring trailblazers–and certainly for all entrepreneurs.”


Testimonial Inc.com

“This book provides invaluable advice for anyone who wants to disrupt themselves, solve big problems, and thrive in today’s rapidly changing, constantly innovating world. A must read.”

Peter H. Diamandis
CEO, XPRIZE; Exec Chairman, Singularity University & New York Times bestselling author of Abundance

Testimonial Peter H. Diamandis

“Disrupter and entrepreneur Jay Samit, with a serious but thoroughly enjoyable narration style, combines his compelling personal history and many fresh-sounding stories and insights to show us how to flip the innovation switch in ourselves. Part of the audiobook details how his determination and creativity gained him access to the inner circles of giant media companies and how he revamped a number of struggling or entrenched corporations. With riveting intensity in his delivery, he describes how accepting or dismissing just one disruptive idea changed the fortunes of companies such as Apple, Sony, and many others.”


Testimonial AudioFile

“We don’t say this lightly, but our must have book for the year both personally and professionally is Disrupt You!

The Focus Group
Tim Bennett & John Nash, Sirius XM Radio

Testimonial The Focus Group

“Jay Samit has been at the center of the most disruptive trends of the last thirty years and he has crystallized how innovation shakes the world—from tech, to education, to mankind.Disrupt You! is your guide to becoming the smartest person you know!”

Ken Rutkowski
Host, Business Rockstars

Testimonial Ken Rutkowski

“In the 20 years I’ve known him, Jay has reinvented one business after another.  Part magician, part engineer and part analyst, he’s predicted, prepared for and prospered from the disruption of several multi-billion dollar businesses. In Disrupt You!, he reverse-engineers the disruptive mindset that will affect every business from automotive to the corner restaurant. A must read.”

Seth Shapiro
Board of Governors, The Television Academy

Testimonial Seth Shapiro

“Throughout the start-up space, disruption is pretty much the holy grail. If a new solution or product changes the way we live then it can be pretty much guaranteed it will have a captive market. Until now, most of us haven’t had a roadmap for disruptive thinking but Disrupt Yourself is here to help individuals become master innovators.

Acting as a broad set of meditations on the ins and outs of disruption, Disrupt Yourself offers budding intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs a chance to learn how to challenge assumptions, capitalise on broad industry changes and when to pivot on a core proposition. Not only does the book capitalise on Samit’s extensive experience of disruption – from creating one of the world’s first digital stock photo products to nudging former record label giant EMI toward digital distribution – but every page is crammed with examples of the constant disruption moving the march of technology ever onward.”

Josh Russell
Book Reviewer, Elite Business Magazine

Testimonial Josh Russell

“Top 10 leadership books to read for 2015…can serve as daily inspiration as you deal with the issues every business leader faces.”

John Rampton
Inc. Magazine

Testimonial John Rampton

“In the 5 plus decades since I graduated from Harvard Business School I’ve read many terrific books with business advice but Jay Samit’s Disrupt You! jumps right to the top of that list.”

Ken Kragen
Manager, We Are the World and Hands Across America

Testimonial Ken Kragen

“Innovation starts from within. To disrupt, you must be a disruptor. Whether you are a scientist or a business person, whether you want to succeed as an entrepreneur or make an impact on the world, Jay’s stories and extensive personal perspectives help illuminate the way.”

Chrisztina Z Holly
curator of the first TEDx

Testimonial Chrisztina Z Holly

Disrupt You! is an insightful road map for everyone looking to change the world.  Jay’s book is filled with clear, concise, well-documented steps for building high-growth startups.”

Michael Kassan
Chairman & CEO MediaLink

Testimonial Michael Kassan

“Fabulous book. All the business strategy books tend to blur after a while. This one stands out like the 4-Hour-Work Week did for me. Great. Unique. Powerful. Applicable. Dare I say personally disruptive (in a good way!)?”

Ted Whetstone
Chief Catalyst at BreakthruThink

Testimonial Ted Whetstone

“Jay Samit writes an engaging part-autobiography, part-personal philosophy and anecdote-rich tome on how to succeed in today’s business world…A highly motivational and easy-to-read book, its ultimate message is that if you don’t embrace disruptive innovation, you will be left behind yourself.”

Institute of Directors

Testimonial Institute of Directors

“In Disrupt You! Jay Samit provides tons of examples of ordinary people transforming the world we live in. Understanding that innovation is nothing more than finding solutions to the problems that plague us, Samit goes further to provide insights to existing solutions. The challenge for each of us is to look within for our inner transformative cells and apply them today. An excellent must-read.”

Jeanine Cooper
Good Reads Reviewer

Testimonial Jeanine Cooper

Disrupt You is a self-help book with a difference. It is encouraging you to effect change, not only in yourself, but in the world. Jay Samit wants you to challenge the status quo, discover the undiscovered and swim against the tide. Disrupt You takes a complex concept-how to change your world- and makes it achievable for anyone who is willing to consider new ideas.”

Planet Arts

Testimonial Planet Arts

“Overall, Samit takes his reader on an exciting ride that is more about creativity than it is about technology, more about opportunism than innovation. At the end, you can’t help asking “so where to now” rather than reminiscing about how far we’ve come. You also can’t help wanting to return to page one and read this book again … and again.”

031 Business

Testimonial 031 Business

“This is the slowest I’ve ever read a book…I need to stop at every other page because I have a new business extension idea or brand new business venture idea. 10,000% recommended for anyone looking for a breakthrough idea!”

Ride to Success

Testimonial Ride to Success
Optin Architect