“Despite the constantly changing tides of the media industry, Jay Samit has been at the forefront of global trends for over three decades. He has been an intrepreneur and entrepreneur and excelled at both.”

Wall Street Journal

Testimonial Wall Street Journal

“Broke critical ground by acknowledging the power of digital”


Testimonial Forbes

“Consummate Dealmaker, World Expert on Disruption and Innovation”

Huffington Post

Testimonial Huffington Post

Known as a visionary across industries


Testimonial CNBC

“Unusual among Hollywood executives, (Samit) has worked on both sides of the digital divide”

The Economist

Testimonial The Economist

“Samit implemented a profitable global digital ecommerce strategy for Sony, creating a new division that launched what became the seventh largest e-commerce site in the world”

Bloomberg Businessweek

Testimonial Bloomberg Businessweek

“The coolest job in the industry”


Testimonial Wired

“A new media guru and Internet pioneer, Jay Samit is considered the godfather of Siliwood (the intersection of Silicon Valley and Hollywood).”

Economic Times

Testimonial Economic Times

“innovator and trailblazer”


Testimonial Inc.

“Jay Samit is CEO of the internet’s largest engagement advertising platform. (He) reaches more than 662 million hyper-connected social-media users each month across leading digital, social and mobile properties.”

Ad Age

Testimonial Ad Age

“Throughout a circuitous career, Jay has been at the helm of some of the most profound shifts in the music, video and digital worlds. Jay is a clear trendspotter who follows his instincts to create innovation.”

Solopreneur Hour

Testimonial Solopreneur Hour

“Always at the ready with a meaningful and insightful quip, Jay contributes a unique and valuable point of view to any strategic debate. I was consistently impressed with his ability to synthesize various points of view and sum it all up in a tidy, smart package.” Elisa Schreiber, Vice President Greylock Partners

Greylock Partners

Testimonial Greylock Partners

“Jay is a visionary whose brilliance is easily disguised by his cool demeanor. He’s an innovative entrepreneur who creates trends rather than follow them.” Brian Deagon, Technology & Business Journalist at Investor’s Business Daily

Investor's Business Daily

Testimonial Investor's Business Daily

“Jay has excellent creativity and entrepreneurial instincts which allow him to see and execute against business opportunities in any environment. Combined with strong recruiting and organization development skills, Jay is able to lead his teams through very dynamic circumstances and deliver bottom line results.” Geoff Campbell,Vice President, Strategy & Development, DISH Digital


Testimonial Dish

“Jay is a true visionary and pioneer who took on the immense challenge of moving the music business into the digital age right at its tipping point.” Andria Tay,


Testimonial Walmart

“Samit has quite an extensive background in innovation.  He has built a reputation as a media guru who knows the perfect recipe for success.”


Testimonial Hireology

“Jay Samit is a digital media innovator, disrupting the music and video distribution, social media, and commerce industries.”

Scoop It!

Testimonial Scoop It!

“One of the top 25 most influential people in LA’s Internet Industry.”

Los Angeles Business Journal

Testimonial Los Angeles Business Journal

“Samit, an accomplished visionary executive, has pioneered notable advancements in music and video distribution, social media, and philanthropy over the past 25 years. He is known as a leading technology innovator who has transformed entire industries with his signature style of disruption and ability to manage hyper-growth companies. ”

Herald Online

Testimonial Herald Online

“A media innovator…Jay Samit was responsible for the development of new business models for the global digital distribution of music, video, and mobile. ”

Caltech MIT Entreprise Forum

Testimonial Caltech MIT Entreprise Forum

“Jay Samit: A gumption for disruption”

C-Suite Quarterly

Testimonial C-Suite Quarterly

“Jay Samit is an ‘Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneur’. A Richard Branson for our generation!” Alysia Silberg


Testimonial Acceleforce

“Samit, who has been at the helm of many digital watersheds, from negotiating with Steve Jobs over iTunes, to having the original leader in college social networks is optimistic that user attention will be a valuable enough currency to pay for more than just entertainment.”

Fast Company

Testimonial Fast Company

“Guru for the entire industry”


Testimonial Variety

“An outsider…with experience untangling technological and legal knots”

New York Times

Testimonial New York Times

“Jay Samit’s successful marketing strategies and innovations for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have made him a media and communications magnate.”

Wall Street

Testimonial Wall Street

“The word genius isn’t adequate to define Jay.  He has spent the past 25 years pioneering new forms of film, video and music production and marketing.”

Los Angeles Business Journal

Testimonial Los Angeles Business Journal

“Jay is a leading Hollywood digital media technology executive. Jay built the first million-member social network for Universal, and has led the creation of over 300 consumer software titles while developing technology for Microsoft, Apple, Intel and IBM. Jay led the White House’s initiative for Education and Technology, and has created global charitable projects aired on NBC and MTV.”


Testimonial TechCrunch

“Samit’s aggressively playful style reflects his view that products must be fun to be marketable.”

Los Angeles Times

Testimonial Los Angeles Times

“Jay has predicted, prepared for and prospered from the transformation of at least five multibillion dollar industries. He is a truly visionary entrepreneur. There is no one like him and there never will be.” Seth Shapiro, Governor of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Testimonial Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

“Jay pioneered the first video on computers, the first Internet auction, digital distribution of music, ebooks, and group video chat on mobile devices. Jay has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, sold companies to Fortune 500 firms, and taken companies public. Jay’s “sweet spot” is disrupting industries with digital innovation.”


Testimonial VoiceAmerica

“Jay’s awareness on how the always connected consumer will require personalized experiences sheds great light on how businesses need to create relevant experiences in the new digital economy. Jay is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience in digital and mobile businesses. We enjoyed his thought provoking discussion and would recommend him to any organization looking to better understand how mobile users can affect business.” John Beale, EVP & CIO City National Bank

City National Bank

Testimonial City National Bank

“Jay’s industry knowledge and ability to inspire young entrepreneurs is simply unparalleled. I had many ideas but lacked how to fundamentally go about executing them. Jay offered my team valuable constructive criticism and effectively taught through his experiences.” Chris Hovsepian, Partnerships Beats 


Testimonial Beats

“Jay has the incredible gift of being able to spot a trend, and create a business plan around the capitalization on that trend. He understands the value and how to leverage strategic partners, alliances and contacts in all areas of business to exploit assets and drive value for all.” Pamela Altman Sansbury, Alliance Enablement Director at KPMG


Testimonial KPMG

“Jay’s “sweet spot” is disrupting industries with digital innovation.”

The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

Testimonial The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

“One of the Smartest minds in Sillywood. Jay Samit is one of the world’s most successful digital media innovators. Throughout his career he has pioneered advancements in music and video distribution, social media and ecommerce.”

Founder Institute

Testimonial Founder Institute

“Samit is known as a leading technology innovator who has transformed entire industries with his signature style of disruption and ability to manage hyper-growth companies.”

Yahoo! Finance

Testimonial Yahoo! Finance

“Jay’s ability to transform hyper-growth companies, drive strategic deals and partnerships, and experience working with pre-IPO companies is unmatched.” Andrew Duggan Chairman & CEO Equal Earth

Equal Earth

Testimonial Equal Earth

“Jay Samit shows people how to achieve their goals and permanently alter the status quo through the art of self-disruption. At a time when adaptability is more crucial than ever, he will offer clear and empowering advice for those looking to break through a creative barrier or who have a big idea but no idea how to apply it. ” Carole Tonkinson Publisher of Bluebird at Pan Macmillan 

bluebird books

Testimonial bluebird books

“Jay Samit is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in innovation and disruption.”  Jon Livesay, Funding Strategist 

The Successful Pitch Podcast

Testimonial The Successful Pitch Podcast

“Jay keeps company with, and advises the highest net worth people globally. Popes, politicians and pop stars come to him because of his entrepreneurial successes and his approaches to business, society and the world at large. .”  Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Positivity Strategist 

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Testimonial Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

“Jay Samit, serial entrepreneur and author of Disrupt You!, is a frequent guest on television news networks and is often quoted by major magazines, newspapers and websites, all of whom look to Jay for insights on transformational corporate change and trends across industries.” 


Testimonial IBM
Optin Architect